Valorant Bans over Hunders of Player by just 7 days of its launch.

Valorant will not be going to pleasure for cheater.

(Image credit: Riot)

In the Beta, Valorant started Banning the people for cheating. Riot games already made it clear before the release of the game. that the anti-cheat is going to be a strong one, that will provide the best competitive gaming experience.

(Image credit: Riot)

Since the beginning of the Valorant beta on April 7th, Vanguard had started banning players for cheating purposes to keep the competitive environment clean. There are many cheats that bypass the Vanguard but day by day This anti-cheat improve’s.

Recently we got see over 200 hundred cheaters got hardware ban. Yes, you did hear right. hardware ban is the ban that won’t let you play the game even you just make a new account. you have to replace it for every part of your PC to play the game. And that is very big price to pay just for cheating in-game.

Riot devs said that there is one-third of cheating account are getting unbanned. However, as Phillip Koskinas – a member of the Vanguard team – has mentioned through his “novella” on Twitter, Riot will refrain from banning more cheaters at the moment. “A ban for cheating in Valorant is intended to prevent a cheater from playing Valorant.  If you could just make another account, that wouldn’t really be a consequence, it’d just be an inconvenience,” he said. and You can see all his this novella thread here.



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