Top 15 Free IOS Games of 2020

Top 15 Free IOS Games of 2020

In this list we are going to talk about Top 15 free IOS Games that are released in 2020

with considerable we put all kind of game together like fps and RPG. with this similar list we

also made a 2020 Android Games.

Top 15 Free IOS Games of 2020

15 Dadish

this cartoon root crop is definitely a runner of dad of the year from indie develapor Thomas young

this game bring us to a colourful retro pixel world filled with puzzles and dangers. this game gives

you some advice for healthy food over junk food. Top 15 Free IOS Games of 2020.

14 Forza Street: Top to Race

After its debut on android last year Microsoft has finally brought their mobile racer to the iOS focusing

on the Beaty of street racing Forza street has an amazing selection of cars all of which you can

use for the game’s many events race through the gorgeous city street and rack up infamy Winn after win.

Top 15 Free IOS Games of 2020.

13 Evil Hunter Tycoon-Nonstop

crafted in classic pixel fashion you’ll get to play the role heading a town full of brave hunters your task

is to the build the town from ground up restore it to is former glory and give your hunters a safe space

to train for the big fight against the dark lord. Top 15 Free IOS Games of 2020.

12 Disney sorcerer’s Arena

Sorcerer Arena meet your favourite character from Disney treasure Tove movies and watch them duke

it out in the real-time pop battlefield whether its mickey mouse and his iconic wizards he are going

infinity and beyond. Top 15 Free IOS Games of 2020.

11 Lego legacy: heroes unboxed

This is far from lego’s first rodeo on the mobile but it seems they are going the path of many big names

in the genre while they are usually taking license for other big games this game takes on a more original

flavor using more generic lego characters. Top 15 Free IOS Games of 2020.

10 Untold RPG

This game may require more reading than your usual games a text based RPG untold may feel at first like

your runs-off-the-mill chose your own adventure however its many features speak for itself. Top 15 Free IOS

Games of 2020.

9 Men In Black: Galaxy Defenders

Sony pitchers tied into the iconic film franchise is on rail shooter that’s determined to bring us back to the

arcade games we used to love in every stage you’ll find a few worthy aliens to blast take your aim with

whatever gun the stage require and in barely a minute you’ll be ready for the next one. Top 15 Free IOS Games

of 2020.

8 Cryptract

This fantastic JRPG and it seems the localization was well worth it while it offers a bit less on the side of

flair it manages to balance it off off with is never ending storyline decent amount of content and most of

all its balanced dacha system despite being free-to-play game. Top 15 Free IOS Games of 2020.

7 War Tortoise 2

The war tortoise in the artillery of choice this game is no ordinary game while it has a lot of exploration

it also has some incremental shooting elements that balance it all out making it a perfect haven for casual

gamers on the smartphone. Top 15 Free IOS Games of 2020.

6 KnightHood

Knighthood is all about bringing down the monster that plagued the land from the makes of candy crush

king has been moving forward from their signature brand of match 3 puzzle making their move toward

more complex gameplays looking pretty good if this game is any indication. Top 15 Free IOS Games of 2020.

5 Kick-Flight

A heavy game with a heavy dose of action this kinda beautiful presentation and fast paced gameplay may

come with a price it’s defiantly not charging it on your wallets if your phone can take the burnt of its graphics

and memory requirements this free game can give you hours of entertainment. Top 15 Free IOS Games of 2020.

4 Grand Mountain Adventure

This game is giving us opportunity to enjoy that snowy skiing holiday all year long. and beside from ads and

micro transactions for pretty much no cost sure you won’t have that chilly weather to enjoy the cute outfits

that comes with it but it also spare your knees from that tension. Top 15 Free IOS Games of 2020.

3 Magic: ManaStrike

Clash royale is getting some competition from the world of magic putting their own spin on supercell’s formula

this game is here to show all of us who does card game machines right pulling from the roster of powerful sorceres

from the magic universe you’ll get to show of your strategy skills in the colorful chaos of the real-time PVP battles.

2 KartRider Rush+

KartRider Rush+ while cart rider drift is already aligned for pc and console sometimes soon next in games gives us

our first taste with this portable version presentation is one of this game’s strong suits with its lively environments

populated by a lineup of adorable racers backing up style with substance rush also has a variety of game modes on

offer do it clean in the straightforward speed race or jump back to the classic card racing with the mayhem of item


1 Legends of Runeterra

Riot has been on the top of the gaming scene these days with valorant ruling the fps scene the new card game is

also giving blizzard’s hearthstone a run for their money siphoning their league of legends numbers to a whole new

genre LOR is their own take on the collectible card game set in the same league universe the nexus is making a

return and its gameplay is rife with action-packed scenes of dynamic turns exciting spells and champion upgrades.









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