Top 15 free Android Games of 2020

Top 15 Free Android Games of 2020

In this list we are going to talk about Top 15 free Android Games that are released in 2020

with considerable we put all kind of game together like fps and RPG. with this similar list we

also made a 2020 IOS Games.

Top 15 free Android Games of 2020

15 Missile Command: Recharged

Atari returns to the scene this year with a revival one of their beloved classic arcade title made

for the new generation of platforms this have the smooth hd graphics of today. Top 15 Free Android

Games of 2020.

14 Shadowgun war games – online PvP FPS

focusing on co-op multiplayer gameplay war-games place on the 5v5 formula covering the usual

lineup of tanks supports and damages dealers while it only has five characters they each have unique

skills that bring something new to the table. Top 15 Free Android Games of 2020.

13 Dragon quest of the stars

Square Enix presents something on the mobile that united the power of dragon quest zone yuji hori

& co ichi Sugiyama for direction and music as well as dragon balls Akira toriyama for character design

for the looks of things its a pretty high quality title and the fact that game is free makes it better. Top 15

Free Android Games of 2020.

12 Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall

A turn based strategy  it challenges you to take a man of the nights watch ad defend the wall an

optimized squad as a video game tie-in it even feature some of favourite heroes from the series to

fight with us side by side I a war of fire and ice. Top 15 Free Android Games of 2020.

11 Disney sorcerer’s Arena

Sorcerer Arena meet your favourite character from Disney treasure Tove movies and watch them duke

it out in the real-time pop battlefield whether its mickey mouse and his iconic wizards he are going

infinity and beyond. Top 15 Free Android Games of 2020.

10 Magic: ManaStrike

This new game with net marble deals with the action of real time combat following the supercells clash

royal and using characters from magic the gathering it focus one the power of the spells and sorcery to

create exiting and strategic battles. Top 15 Free Android Games of 2020.

9 KartRider Rush+

KartRider Rush+ while cart rider drift is already aligned for pc and console sometimes soon next in games gives us

our first taste with this portable version presentation is one of this game’s strong suits with its lively environments

populated by a lineup of adorable racers backing up style with substance rush also has a variety of game modes on

offer do it clean in the straightforward speed race or jump back to the classic card racing with the mayhem of item

races. Top 15 Free Android Games of 2020.

8 Cryptract

This fantastic JRPG and it seems the localization was well worth it while it offers a bit less on the side of

flair it manages to balance it off off with is never ending storyline decent amount of content and most of

all its balanced dacha system despite being free-to-play game. Top 15 Free Android Games of 2020.

7 Men In Black: Galaxy Defenders

Sony pitchers tied into the iconic film franchise is on rail shooter that’s determined to bring us back to the

arcade games we used to love in every stage you’ll find a few worthy aliens to blast take your aim with

whatever gun the stage require and in barely a minute you’ll be ready for the next one. Top 15 Free Android

Games of 2020.

6 Teamfight Tactics

By bringing the high production experience oft he PC title to the portable format riot effectively reels their

high player numbers into a brand new game the interface and the balance may seemingly have a lot of

room of improvement but compared to the many auto chess clones out there this is a huge upgrade. Top 15

Free Android Games of 2020.

5 Hidden Survivor

Set in some weird Universe where humans turn into ordinary objects you have to dominate the gym like

battlefield first by adapting to your environment and then racing to a revival potion to eliminate the other

humans. Top 15 Free Android Games of 2020.

4 Evil Hunter Tycoon-Nonstop

crafted in classic pixel fashion you’ll get to play the role heading a town full of brave hunters your task

is to the build the town from ground up restore it to is former glory and give your hunters a safe space

to train for the big fight against the dark lord. Top 15 Free Android Games of 2020.

3 Exos Heroes

It’s easy to drawn into line game strategy RPG especially with the stunning Japanese style visuals and

its roaster of characters that’s brimming with personality just like some of our previous games it is also

a turn based RPG combination of story solid combat and awesome presentation this thing makes this

game so special it still has some of the most annoying aspect of standard mobil gotcha gaming.

Top 15 Free Android Games of 2020.

2 War Tortoise 2

The war tortoise in the artillery of choice this game is no ordinary game while it has a lot of exploration

it also has some incremental shooting elements that balance it all out making it a perfect haven for casual

gamers on the smartphone. Top 15 Free Android Games of 2020.

1 Legends of Runeterra

Riot has been on the top of the gaming scene these days with valorant ruling the fps scene the new card game is

also giving blizzard’s hearthstone a run for their money siphoning their league of legends numbers to a whole new

genre LOR is their own take on the collectible card game set in the same league universe the nexus is making a

return and its gameplay is rife with action-packed scenes of dynamic turns exciting spells and champion upgrades.

Top 15 Free Android Games of 2020.


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