Square Enix Stay Home and Play bundle includes 54 games Just For $40

This bundle includes Big games like Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, and Just cause.

(Image credit: Square Enix)

There is a 95% off bundle deal on games going in steam and all of this is the plan of square Enix’s stay home and play campaign they are selling 54 games with just 40%. and the bundle is called The Square Enix Eidos Anthology.

Some highlights of anthology include Just Cause Trilogy and Every Deus Ex game released on PC and you will also get the all Tomb raider until 2015. There is also Sleeping dogs Define Edition for those who are up for gangster story. There is also a Thief series for stealth-type game lovers. All episode of first life is strange as well.

Not just only we are getting so many games to play on. Square Enix said the 100$ revenue of this Bundle collection is going to “be distributed to charities across North America and Europe, including food banks and more.” For a full list of the 54 games, check out the bundle’s Steam page.

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