RTX 3080 leaks are out

RTX 3080 Might be the Answer for Beast Performance.

Nvidia’s RTX 3080 leaks are pop-out once more. although we are not totally sure that this is 100% correct or anything this is just a piece of leak news. we not sure that this is the next-gen graphics card that we are going to get. but in the previous leak image.

(Image credit: Chiphell)

It starting to look like that. we might be getting future gen graphic cards here. In Reddit, there has been the latest snapped shared, and the source (a certain ‘LeeJiangLee’). however, In favor of this new image that we got. shows underneath the shroud and the exposed heatsink (plus cooling pipes), and it looks to be pretty much an exact fit compared with the previous pics which were spilled.

RTX 3080 leaks
(Image credit: LeeJiangLee)

With respect to this image, we can assure you that, V or X shape is the new design that. Nvidia is going for his new founder edition Graphic card look.

However, we don’t know what are the specs are going to be on this card. or this card maybe gets beaten by the AMD NAVI series. we don’t know about the NAVI series as well. we have no idea if Nvidia is going to get beaten by AMD like intel or Nvidia still king in the GPU.




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