GTA V is free to keep forever from 14-21st May on EPIC GAMES

Epic Games is Giving away GTA5 Free Keep to till 21st May.

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Epic Games is giving away the most wanted game in Steam and that is GTA5 everyone wanted that game and Epic Game’s Just being like the gods of goods they are giving away GTA5.

If you are not aware who Epic games are then let me tell you those who made the Fortnite that every kid loved. they are the developer of that game and they opened there own store like Steam year ago, They already gave us pretty cool games on the Past like world war z, Just Cause 4, Batman and many more.

Now they are Just Giving away GTA5 Premium Edition that you will get 10M$ in-game that you can spend anywhere you want in-game. To download the game you just have to make an Epic Game account Just log in and go to the store there you will get you GTA5 for free to hold forever. This is offer is for a limited time for tho it’s only for 14 To 21st May.

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