Death Stranding is not coming in June 2020 on PC

As we expected the delay and it happened.
(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

so we all know that about the global pandemic going on because of that there’s a lot of new games that are struggling to get a release. Yes, death stranding is getting delayed for one month. as we know now that the game is going to release in July. but also be happy guys it Just one month.

There a lot of that has been working from home since the pandemic started and Kojima Productions also did the same because of work from home this did affect the development of the pc port. they need time to do this. so the new release date of death stranding is going to be July 14.s

Kojima production is going to release this in July and we are going to cover this at the release as well. For more info Keep checking our website. Till then you guys have CSGO Many things to enjoy your days.



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