Apex Legends season 5 trailer reveals Loba’s abilities

She seems to have teleport abilities.


Apex legends season 5 is on the way of release on the 12th of May. we still have many days left for the new season to come, we are waiting for the new season and character (LOBA) in the response of that Respawn released just new trailer for season 5.

As you guys watched in the trailer, there is not much for the new season but we get to see a lot about LOBA and Her abilities. you can see in the trailer Loba breached the factory or research lab we cannot say that for sure, we saw there we many replicas of revenant.

As Loba tried to destroy one of them but that turns on the alarm and he escapes. btw onwards we saw that she just pulls out a big stick that can teleport weapons. we are not 100% sure about this. and that creat the ruckus that robots came for her but she just destroyed them with the weapon.

In the left hand of her, you guys can see a Band that is the main teleport ability she has because that just teleports her anywhere. her ultimate is going to be something with the staff. and in the end, she faces off other champians. Is she going to become legends like others You guys can enjoy her gameplay on the release of Apex legends season 5 that going to drop by the date of May 12 at 1 p.m. EDT


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