Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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Top 10 Best New PS5 games list

These are the Best 10 new games coming out for PS5. Sony revealed his long-awaited Console PS5. we have a much better idea of the PS5 games we'll be playing in 2020 and beyond. they already said that PS5 gets many major exclusive games. Spider-Man:...

RTX 3080 leaks are out

RTX 3080 leaks
RTX 3080 Might be the Answer for Beast Performance. Nvidia's RTX 3080 leaks are pop-out once more. although we are not totally sure that this is 100% correct or anything this is just a piece of leak news. we not sure that this is the...

Erangel 2.0 Map Leaked PUBG Mobile

PUBGM most played Map getting some new changes and we got some leak. PUBGM's most awaited map Erangel is getting 2.0 version. and Erangel's 2.0 map is leaked in the Chinese beta version of the game. the Chinese gameplay version added some new gameplay features. This...

Beyond Light is the Destiny 2 next expansion

Bungie finally revealed his next expansion.  Bungie has revealed what destiny 2 future is going to look like. We all were waiting for so long for the new expansion. Because last year we got Shadowkeep and it was pretty okay. In the Shadowkeep we found...

Valorant Bans over Hunders of Player by just 7 days of its launch.

Valorant will not be going to pleasure for cheater. In the Beta, Valorant started Banning the people for cheating. Riot games already made it clear before the release of the game. that the anti-cheat is going to be a strong one, that will provide the...